He holds all together

He holds all together

Thinking of the creation, just leaves me amazed, thinking of the diversity of every species of vegetation, birds, sea creatures, animals. Thinking of every detail that each of us has, for example looking at the hand, the finger prints which are unique for every individual, the nails, the different designs on the palm of the hand. Each part of the human body is made with so much detail, both the outside and the inside.

The Universe, is just as detailed as other creation but it is also diverse and wide. I bet we are yet to discover much much more in the universe. The earth revolves around itself, as it revolves around the sun. As the earth revolves around itself and at the speed it revolves then we are able to see day and night. We on earth can hardly feel the impact of the earths movement. When we look at the image of the earth from space, it is interesting how we can jump and not fly off to space, well I know we have discovered it is a force called gravity, but I call it, God’s mystery.

As the earth revolves around the sun, there are other planets and moons doing the same. Surprisingly each of them systematically revolves and they do not collide. Those who have been to the moon, due to the lack of gravity discovered that one could easily fly off the surface and get lost into space. Yet we still have all the planets, none has gotten lost. We still have the stars, sun, moon and they are still together none as disappeared.

Colossians 1:17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

From this scripture, we are reminded that God not only created everything, but that He is holding it all together. If He did not hold the universe together, then we would have a lot of accidents, as stars, moon and planets collided. On earth we would be unable to function as the earth revolved around itself, without the force of gravity, most people if not all would have disappeared into space.

It is easy to feel like every area of your life is on its own. Life could feel like it is crumbling down, and you do not know how to hold it together. This is a reminder to talk to the God who is able to hold everything together. The area of your life that feels messed up He can bring it under control. If He can hold the universe together, what can’t he bring to order? Why not tell Him where it hurts most, and let Him heal? Just let God in his power and might to come to your rescue. Allow Him to bring your life to order, because that is His desire for you.

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