After knowing God’s will

After knowing God’s will

I was reading the book of Jeremiah, not long ago. It was full of moments where the Israelites did not listen to the true prophets of God. They instead followed the false prophets who kept telling them what they wanted to here. Then at one point in Jeremiah chapter 42, the few who had remained after Babylon captured and took most of them to exile, they went to Jeremiah and asked him to talk to God, and ask Him what His will was for them, and whatever he would tell them to do they would do. At that point I was very excited as i read that chapter. At last they wanted to do God’s will, no matter what.

So Jeremiah went and prayed to God, and asked Him what he wanted the remnants to do. After that he came back with the word from God, that the Israelites were to remain in their land and submit to the king of Babylon, and not go to Egypt as they had desired. I thought the next verse would be explaining how they obeyed, God’s word.

However, the Israelites decided to go to Egypt against God’s will. They even told Jeremiah that he might have colluded with Babylon to give them over to them. From this scripture it was clear that it was better for them, if they had not even sought to know God’s will.

With this I was just thinking about how many times we seek to know God’s will but when He reveals it we start reasoning and end up disobeying. Somethings that God asks us to do look impossible, or unfavorable such that we might start thinking that maybe it is the devil deceiving us. There are times when we go before God asking for His will, but we already have made up our minds on what we will do.

My encouragement to us today is that, we will obey God, when He speaks. Even at times when it hardly makes sense. Like the Israelites submitting to the enemy looked like deception, but God knew that was the best thing. At the end of the day, God said they would all die in Egypt because they chose to disobey Him. It is good to know that not obeying God’s will has consequences. Let’s purpose to not just know His will but to obey completely. He says He values obedience more than sacrifice.

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