Motivational speakers

Motivational speakers

There has been a quote going round on social media of a motivational speaker who says they began their poultry business with a feather. Well I doubt this is actually true, it feels like an exaggeration. But I also believe whoever there is some truth. That is why I decided to write today on my view about the matter.

I have listened to many motivational speakers starting from the time i was in high school. We used to have at least one in our school every first and second term. I must admit that at times there would be a wave of excitement in the school after one talk. People would be running and not walking as usual. We would speak in English more than usual. We would go and do personal timetables and there would be frequent reminders, of what the speaker said, mostly during evening prep times. Well this hardly lasted a week let alone a month. Sometimes it would only last a day.

I do not think the problem was what the speaker said. I think the problem lies in what the motivational speakers do not say. When you are told that all you need is passion, and you are not told that discipline counts, then when the adrenaline cools off, and the emotions go, you have nothing to hold on to. I do not think the speakers lie about their success stories, but I think most of them leave out the difficulties, pain and struggles in the process. That way achieving success looks all easy and simple. Until you decide to try doing things and you face the flip side of the coin. On the other hand we have our own imagination of what their story looks based on our own understanding.

I just look at some characters in the Bible. someone like David, after he became king. If he would have gone out and told someone, all I was doing is taking care of my father’s sheep, and playing the harp to my God. Then God anointed me to be king. Trust me you would think that it was all easy for him. Unless you know the story of him, being pursued by Saul who wanted to kill him, or his wife being taken away from him. The times he had to fight a lion, him being neglected by his family, such that even when Samuel was sent by God to anoint him, his dad didn’t consider him.

Another example would be Joseph. After being the governor and maybe he came to tell you his story, you would think it was all easy. Him moving from prison and getting not the palace. If he went to the details of the days he cried being sold out as a slave, going through Potiphar’s house, going to the prison. Sending the kings cup bearing who forgot about him. His journey having taken years. After his success story it might look all easy.

I bet what we do not get is the aspect of time. We do not realize that this person is telling us story that has taken more than a decade to be unveiled. We also focus on the success story they tell us that it overshadows the aspect of pain, struggle and discipline. Let me bring it closer home. When Eliud Kipchoge won ENOS 1.59 challenge, everyone was seeing the success. We forget the days he would wake up and feel like he’s too tired to go for exercise. How he might have denied himself the privilege of eating certain foods. How he might have to deny himself the privilege of travelling around, and having fun before the marathon.

As we read self help books or listen to motivational speakers. It is good to see the flip side of the story. I would also say it is good to see the aspect of time. You can not start a business today and be successful on your day one, unless it is a scam. If you would want to achieve the success your role model has achieved remember they had their hard days. There are days they made losses instead of profits. Art times they might have been rejected. Just because they made it, it is nit easy.

The best thing is to get the details, which i doubt you can get, after a one hour talk. Or by just reading a book. It calls for more time, Get to interact with that person in person. As they mentor you then you’ll realize the other side of the story. That way they can easily show you the pit falls they went through before getting to the achievements, so that you may avoid them.

In conclusion, I would say, do not rely on the face value, find the details. In the details you’ll realize the reality. That way you never feel cheated when you read a book or listen to a speaker. Also always remember in this world no success comes easy. Everything comes with a lot of commitment,discipline and hard work.

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