If God was visible

If God was visible

When I was a child I used to wish that one day I would see an angel, or even Jesus. I used to wonder how it was for the people who had supernatural visitations. However as I have grown trust me that is not part of my prayer. I just cannot imagine finding someone sited in my house when the door is locked. I recently watched a movie where God appeared to a lady mysteriously and asked her to write down everything He would tell her.

I know it was just a movie, but it amused me. The interesting part was that he was going with her everywhere, but she was the only one who could see him. One of the scenes that caught my attention was, when He told her never to tell anyone about him. Then she went to a psychiatrist because she felt like she was running out of her mind. In the psychiatrist’s office she was asked what the problem was, then he just reminded her that she was not supposed to mention to anyone about Him. She tried not saying the exact problem, but due to the pressure she was feeling from within she disclosed that she was seeing someone who had told her to write everything he said. Well the psychiatrist did not understand so the lady at last just left feeling frustrated. Her disobedience went on and on, until one day she gave up and decided to obey, and she discovered her purpose. Good ending right?

This movie takes me to the recently widely watched video on you tube, of the pastor from Lebanon who commanded people to leave church, just before the blast happened. He said that it was just after a strong prompt from the Holy Spirit to do that. As a result many lives were spared, because the church was badly damaged. I bet you are as glad as I am that he obeyed the Holy Spirit.

As i thought about these two incidences, I just thought about how at times I know what is right for me to do but I just do the exact opposite. At times the consequences of disobedience might not be very tragic. They might even pass by without us realizing. However sometimes they could be a matter of life and death. You might be the only person that God has spoken to, to do a task. Like the pastor everyone around you might not understand, and at times you also might not understand. However there might not be a tomorrow to correct and do the right thing.

I write this to encourage you and me to obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Maybe it might look easier if He was visible and you could see Him shaking His head to say you should not go that way or do this and that. But even if He is invisible, He is always with us. His eyes are always watching us, to see whether we will do good or bad. The best thing is to just obey Him. We might not see Him smile and rejoice over our obedience, but I bet He sure does.

Have an awesome week.

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