Joy versus Happiness

Joy versus Happiness

Last week a discussion was held in one of the whatsapp groups at my church. The topic was an analysis of joy and happiness. I later took time to just think and meditate about these two aspects, and as a result I had one main conclusion. That joy is deeper than happiness because joy is felt in the spirit while happiness is felt in the soul.

I know the dictionary defines both joy and happiness as emotions. I agree that happiness is an emotion and that it comes and goes based on the circumstances we are exposed to. For example when you achieve a certain target whether it is in school, financially, or your workplace you’ll be happy. However that emotion can be short lived once some sad news is received.

On the other hand I feel joy is not really an emotion. The Bible says that it is part of the fruit of the Spirit. Since it is in the spirit it means that it goes beyond being an emotion. This is because emotions are mostly felt in the soul. That is the reason why you could have joy even when everything around you is gloomy. An example is Job in the Bible, who was given bad report after bad report and after all that he still praised God.

 In normal circumstances one gives praise when they are happy. A good example is how people used to praise the late president Moi. Mostly because any place he visited, people knew he would leave some fortune, which was mostly money, a promise of a development or an instant solution to a problem. It is not easy to give praise when you’re in a difficult situation. However with inner joy praise pours out of someone.

Joy is eternal. I believe that we will be filled with God’s joy in heaven. The Bible says that all our tears will be wiped away. That people will never cry again. Someone could say it is because we will never have any bad news in heaven therefore we will always be happy. I however think it is as a result of joy and not happiness. Last year I watched a lot of videos on people who had near death experiences. One thing that was common is that they said there was a peace and satisfaction they could hardly explain once they went to the other side of life. Even those who were seeing their loved ones crying, they could see sadness around them but it did not affect the inner feeling they had.

Walking with the Holy Spirit is the only way we can experience joy. If you have never experienced this inner satisfaction, and you would want to start experiencing it. It all starts with having a relationship with Christ, then the Holy Spirit comes in your heart and this fruit starts manifesting itself in your life. You can comment below for guidance on the same, or send us an inbox in Facebook at Grace Inspirations.

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