5 tips to get business ideas

5 tips to get business ideas

During the Covid 19 pandemic, many peoples’ income have been affected. Several people have gotten pay cuts while others have lost their jobs. That is the reason I have decided to share ideas on how one can get a business idea. This would help bring in some income to keep going, and some point one might decide to go for self employment once. I applaud you for opening this article because it shows you have a desire to get into business, or create an extra source of income. I would also want to say that this ideas are meant to prompt you to think, and make a decision, which are also great characteristics for any business owner or self employment individual.

Identify a problem and get a solution. This is one of the best and easiest ways to start a business. In your neighborhood, town or even country there are many unmet needs. Take a pen and notebook and put down all the needs you can think of. See the ones that you can be able to offer solutions. After that you can identify one that you can start of today. After that you could some research on the industry you have selected, just to be prepared. Examples could be cleaning services, day care services etc.

Hobbies. I have seen many people turning their hobbies into businesses. You could identify something you love doing. With this you will be able to enjoy your job as you do it. One would also have passion in doing what they enjoy doing, and as a result it would affect the business positively. To note it does not have to be a very big thing, most hobbies if not all can be turned into business ideas. For example those who love cooking could offer teaching classes, one could cook and sell the food etc.

Budget. Most businesses need capital. This is another factor that one could need to consider as they look for a business idea. To note, not all businesses need capital, nowadays there are many jobs that one can do online and be self employment without any capital. Therefore you could take up an inventory check and see how much money you have that could help you get started.

Ones abilities. Based on the skills one has it is possible to start a business. You might be a professional in a certain field, for example, accounting, nursing. With this one can start a business and be self employed. For example since many children are at home, a trained teacher could decide to offer online classes instead of just staying at home idle waiting for schools to reopen.

Life cycle. This is meant to identify for how long one wants to do the business. For example if you decide you would want to supply masks, due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Then this might not be a long term thing since were all hopeful that the pandemic will soon be handled and life goes back to normal. Therefore as one looked for a business idea time is something that one should consider. This is to avoid starting up a business with the thought that it will be long term then they are out of business within a few months. In the long term one could decide to be a supplier for fast moving products. Therefore masks would just be one of the products they are supplying.

I hope these 5 tips will help you be ale to identify a business idea that you can work on. Kindly note, this is just the beginning. If you do not work on the business idea, then you will not be any different from someone who has no idea about what business they can do. I encourage you to not stop here but to work on it. It takes courage and I encourage you to take the first step. You better take action on what you’re considering than regret a few months or years from today, wishing you had done it.

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