7 Success tips I learned in Network marketing

7 Success tips I learned in Network marketing

To start with I didn’t know much about network marketing until I lost my job unexpectedly. Thanks to God, I had just been introduced to this business by a friend from high school. I joined the business full time immediately. Although I am no longer doing the business full time, I learned many lessons in the process. The lessons I learned can be used in life irregardless of ones profession. This article is meant to highlight some of the lessons learned.

  1. Know your why. In life purpose is very important. Whether it is in business, school, relationships etc. Why you’re doing something is what matters. When things get tough which happens a lot in life, the purpose is what keeps one going. Many successful business people did not succeed in their first business. Someone once said, if your why is not strong enough, then you will easily give up. Question is what makes you excited when you wake up in the morning? Why are you going to that office? Why are you doing what you’re doing? Once you know the why, it works as fuel to keep you moving forward, even when everything around you says you should give up. This is not just applicable for business people but for anyone desiring to achieve greatness.
  2. The power of the mind. In the business we had frequent reminders on what we should or should not think about. I have realized that this is real in life. If you wake up thinking it’s Monday again and it will be a sad boring day, that is exactly what happens. Those who believe in the universe say the mind works like a magnet, attracting forces towards it based on what it is thinking. For someone like me who believes in the Bible we know the Bible says that what a man thinks so is he. If you think someone will think ill of you then that is exactly what will happen. If you keep thinking that you will find favor with everyone around you then that is exactly what happens. This is not easy but it is something anyone can learn and practice everyday. We can train our minds to think right. It takes time because structured thinking is not automatic, but with time like any habit it gets easier. I know this might look unrealistic, but I encourage you to just get started by thinking in your mind tomorrow morning that you will have an awesome day, In fact the best day of your life so far. Then see what happens. It is said that the mind does not have the ability to know negative and positive, and therefore it just gives results of whatever you feed it in equal measure. There are many other studies based on the mind and goals, but for now i would encourage you to start with this simple one.
  3. Words of affirmation. This is in connection to number 2 above. Apart from just thinking right, you can learn to speak right to yourself. Just try telling yourself in the morning that you’re happy, and enthusiastic. You will have a happy day. Instead of saying how a bad day it is going to be, and how you know your boss is going to be mad at you, or your children are going to cause you a headache, or how business is just really doing badly. You could even just start off with answering greetings, for example when someone asks you how your day is, instead of saying it is just fine, say it is great, or awesome. It might not feel all awesome, but once you start confessing that it starts getting real. The Bible says that the power of life and death lies in the tongue. It is for us to decide how to use it. You can get a few words to start off every morning for example; am happy, I have peace in my heart, this is going to be an awesome day, I am beautiful, I am surrounded by God’s favor. People around you may say good words or nasty words to you, but what matters most is what you tell yourself.
  4. Support system or team. In network marketing one of the major things one needs is a team working with them. In life this is just as true. No one can manage to do much alone. Surround yourself with the right people. It could be family or friends. One just needs to be around the right kind of people to be motivated to do the right thing. Just like in teenage one would easily be moved by peer pressure, I realized that it is just as common even in adulthood. When you hang around people who want to study and get a PHD you will most likely start considering going back to school. If you hang around people who are business minded chances are you will start getting business ideas in your mind. If you hang around people who are looking for opportunities to serve God and the community around them trust me, it will soon become part of you. The Bible says bad company ruins good morals. Therefore it is up to you to choose the kind of company you want to keep. If your team is doing well you will end up doing just as well. A good support system, helps one be accountable. Just like a wood taken out of the fire goes of faster, if one stays alone they tend to loose the fire within to keep going. Based on your why find the right people to be around, because they will help encourage you to reach your goals.
  5. Planning and evaluation. One of the first tasks I had was to write down a plan. I have realized that every time I think about the life goals I have I am motivated to wake up early. I am more organised and specific with my efforts. God says we should commit our plans to Him then He would direct our paths.This just gives an emphasis on how important planning is. He even says that He has plans for us. I have read books by some of the most successful people and having goals in life is one of the common things among them. Success does not come as an accident it is well envisioned, way before it happens. Evaluation of goals is also important. You’ll realize that with time, the goals you had might not be what you’ll need in a few years from now. At times you realize that the goals you had were too small and you need to get bigger goals, that is why evaluation is important. This helps to keep on track, and helps one to stay focused.
  6. Persistence and consistence. Network marketing is thought to be an easy way of getting money. But those who have done it can attest that it calls for hard work. In life there’s no success that is easy. That is why persistence is key. Someone once said that one can not fail unless they quit. Giving up should never be an option. You might find failure along the way and that is a good thing, because it means you’re moving ahead and taking risks. However facing a failure does not mean that one is a failure. All one needs to do is stand up and continue. You might get a new way or new ideas of doing what you needed to do, or you could go back and repeat the same method and it you get success. All you need is to it one more time.Consistence is also important. It helps one to learn, because the more you do something you tend to become better in it. You might not feel like doing something, but you do it even when everything around is giving all reasons why you shouldn’t do it today.
  7. Personal development. To be successful in anything one has to have knowledge on the same. Whether it is a career or business. Other than the formal education we get in school one needs life skills. To believe in oneself it takes confidence that is built by what we learn about ourselves and our abilities. Someone once said that it takes courage to make money. It is not just the skill of talking to clients or knowledge of a product that could help one make a sale, but the courage to talk to a client after they have rejected them twice already. Courage comes with continuous personal development. To date I have not met a successful person who is not continuously working on themselves. This could be either by reading books, listening to audios etc that feed the mind with the right information.

The above are just a few of the many lessons I have learned. I hope they get you motivated to want to live a better life,and achieve the success you desire. To note I am doing them myself and although I have not achieved 100% yet on this lessons I have working each day to become better. I hope you also work on yourself each day to be better.

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