He’s listening, talk to Him

He’s listening, talk to Him

Amid the covid 19 pandemic, I believe everyone has had their own lessons, fears, worries etc. For me I would say, when Kenya got the first case, given that it was in the town I live, I at first felt afraid but after a short time i got peace. More to that I must say I prayed with zeal about the matter, I would pray for long and with energy, at some point I feel like I was moved more by emotions.

However as the days passed and every day we just have updates of more people who have been infected, I must admit that the zeal went down. There are times I have gone before God and all I can say is, God please intervene. This is because I felt as if I didn’t know how to pray about it anymore.

A few days ago, I have been getting affirmations that God hears our prayers even when we don’t feel like He does. This is from simple short prayers e.g. when I have forgotten something and I just whisper to God to remind me and pap I remember. Sometimes I am trying to understand a concept, I just can’t figure out how some numbers are adding up, and just after asking for help from God, it’s like my eyes and mind are opened to understand the concept 100%.

Now yesterday felt like a climax to God’s assurance that He hears every prayer. I had gotten late, and curfew time was almost catching up with me. As I talked with my colleague, I just made a wish ” I pray that we get a vehicle fast enough, and that it will overlap in traffic, for us to get home before curfew”.

Guess what happened, we got a vehicle and it overlapped in traffic until i started regretting why I made such a prayer. I was now praying for safety. Well I got home safely and a few minutes to curfew time, to be honest I just made it more like a wish, and I actually thought God wouldn’t approve of such a prayers since I believe overlapping in traffic is wrong, however for me this came like an assurance that God hears every prayer we whisper.

Right now we might not have the emotions to carry us through prayer times as we pray for our country and the world, but even those short whispers we make to God trust me, He hears. It might look like things are just getting worse  the more we pray but one thing I know is if God hears and He’s been acting on things we could feel are too small, then even the current global problem He is handling. The how is what we don’t know but one thing I know is when we look back and join the dots, we will see His hand working around this whole situation.

Am just encouraging us not to stop praying, even if it is just making a short whisper to God, just remember He hears, and He’s working on it. Pray without ceasing.

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