Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

I bet you’ve heard this phrase before, it’s one that my class teacher in primary school frequently used. This she mostly used when she was doing ‘hygiene inspection’. I never understood the phrase and I just thought it’s not true.

However not long ago i realized there was some truth in it. I just looked at my trends, there are days I wake up and I am all energetic, I make sure my house is in order, no dirty dishes, clothes are well folded, my house is well organized, I cook a good meal, and just enjoy my life. Some other days I am all lazy, I leave my utensils all dirty even for more than a day, my dirty clothes are not well folded, i don’t clean up the house, such days I just prefer sleeping to doing anything else.

One day I just thought I needed to realize what was common in the good awesome days and what is common in the slow lazy days. What I realized was my devotions had a huge part to play in the trends. The days I spend time to read my Bible and pray I had a very organized house the days I would ignore my devotions with time I would loose track on most of my daily tasks.

During the lock down and stay at home season I bet it’s easy to find yourself postponing your devotions since well you’ll have tomorrow in the house, but if you’d want to have peaceful days, energetic, positive days, then spending time with the one who gave you that day would actually help.

Another thing I realized was when i do devotions, I would be more positive I get motivated to read books, listen to sermons etc, on the other hand it’d be so easy to be involved in discussions not very productive, hardly read a motivational book, let alone watch a sermon, I’d actually prefer watching a movie. So basically I have concluded to have a clean life inside out then being close to God can never be an option.

That phrase might not look all theologically correct but it sure has some truth

Have an stay at home season.

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