Are you looking for a dress for the festive season, or getting new clothes on your wardrobe for the New Year? Well here are a few tips on how to get the best dress for yourself. What am going to share today I believe is not for just the festive season but a lifetime.

Ladies come in different shapes and thus it would be great for you to first know your shape, and then look out for outfits that best suit you.

The four major body shapes are an apple, a pear, a banana also called a rectangle, and the hourglass. To know your body shape you need to measure your bust waist and hips. This you can easily do at home with the help of another person.


This is where one’s body takes the shape of an apple, in that the bust is a few inches bigger than the hips. With more weight on the chest, and slimmer legs. This consist of around 14% of women. To dress an apple body, you could maximize on V-neck dresses, which draw attention to the bust and face, with less attention to the tummy and the waist. This help reduce the top-heavy look as well. However, you should choose one that is tight just below the bust and not at the waist. You could as well get a dress with a voluminous skirt; the skirt should however start flaring from the mid-section to help give the impression of a smaller waist. Avoid belts that pinch at the waist, you could also wear tops that drape over any curves. Avoid clothes that bring attention the small bottom and waistline.


This body looks more like the pear; mostly referred to as curvy, the hips are a few inches bigger than the bust. This is where the hips, thighs and sometimes the behind is more noticeable. This consists of around 20% of women. To dress a pear shape, you could get brightly colored tops and dark skirts to help draw attention to your upper body. Get tops that are tight at the waist, to bring the hourglass figure, also for loose tops ensure they are long that they go past the waist and on to the hips. Get tops that have beads or collars at the neck, to help draw attention to the top. Get blouses with sleeves that are wide to help bring balance and proportion to your body. For skirts get those that are near your waist, and are at knee length. You could add a long necklace, for earrings choose bold ones, or a scarf, also for undergarments to boost your bust, you could use padded bras. For this body shape, one gets clothes that help give more attention to the top.


This is where the body does not have a detailed waistline, in that the bust, waist and hips are almost of the same size, with the waist being less than 9 inches smaller than the bust. To note, you could still have a curvy bottom like a pear, or wide chest like an apple. This is where most women lie, with a 46% of women. To dress a banana wear tops and jackets that emphasize the waist, for coats get belted coat or one with a defining waist, for dresses get waist-defining belts. ¾ blouses are also good, for blouses, they look best when tucked in, for those with a long waist heavy belts are best, and in case one has no waistline at all then it is best to avoid belts. For this body shape,it is just very simple to get clothes that define the waist and thus belts should come in handy.


Mostly referred to as the perfect or ideal female body shape, with the bust and hips being equal and a well-defined waistline, which is nine or more inches less than the bust. This consist of the least percentage, with only 8% of women. To dress an hourglass get tops that maintain the balance in your shape, that is belted tops, wrap style tops, fitted dress shirts, for jackets get form fitting ones or jackets that pinch at the waist. For skirts, you can wear any so long as you get the right top. For dresses, you should get a waist belt to maintain the shape of your body, if you intent to reduce the attention on the hourglass shape a stripes dress would work perfect. Get clothes that maintain the hourglass shape.

On my study, I have realized that you do not have to wear the latest fashion to look smart and pretty, that you can wear an old-fashioned dress and still look stunning. Ever seen a woman dressed in the latest fashion but still did not look pretty, or rather looked funny? The secret I realized was in knowing your body shape, and knowing how to dress it.

I hope this gives you an idea of what would work for your body shape;however, you can keep checking out outfits that best suit you, but the most important thing is to first know your body shape.

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