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Hi! I am Grace and I want to welcome you to Discover Your Joy where you will find Inspiration for your Soul. I believe we need daily inspiration for Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy.  The stories and quotes on this blog are designed to provide you with Inspiration for your Day!

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Trust and Obey

Trust and obey is a hymn that has been sang for ages. The chorus goes “Trust and obey for there is no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.” Every time I sing it I am reminded on the importance of trusting in God no...

The Triangle In Marriage

During the Premarital classes one thing that was mentioned is the Triangle in marriage. At the time some lessons just seemed easy and theoretical. However once I got married this is one of the things that I have experienced practically in my...

The Pharisees of today

The Pharisees were religious leaders during the times of Jesus. They knew and strictly followed the laws of Moses, bit they denied Jesus as the son of God and the Messiah. Looking at the church of today, me included, I really doubt whether most of...

The Impact of a testimony

So many times I have found myself debating on whether it is necessary to give a certain testimony. At times it feels too personal, other times it could look too insignificant. My perspective has however changed as I read the story of the Samaritan...

The wedding at Cana

Do you have a close friend, a sibling, or anyone so close to you that you know very well? I must say, that I am most times able to tell what those closest to me mean, regardless of what they say. I also know there are people who can tell even how I...

He holds all together

Thinking of the creation, just leaves me amazed, thinking of the diversity of every species of vegetation, birds, sea creatures, animals. Thinking of every detail that each of us has, for example looking at the hand, the finger prints which are...

Hope for the mess

A few days ago, I was cooking Ugali (a stiff porridge made by mixing corn flour with boiling water). Once the water boiled I took flour and poured in the boiling water, unfortunately I picked wheat flour instead of corn flour, and because I was...

How to start saving money

Having an investment is one thing that most people if not all think about at one point in their lives. However for one to manage to invest in whichever sector, they usually have some amount of financial capacity. For example, I have seen people...


I started writing online in 2016, I however had been writing before then mostly in my journal. I also read books and articles a lot, I have subscribed to other people’s blogs and I enjoy reading their updates. I however realized that I have...

After knowing God’s will

I was reading the book of Jeremiah, not long ago. It was full of moments where the Israelites did not listen to the true prophets of God. They instead followed the false prophets who kept telling them what they wanted to here. Then at one point in...

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A lady with a passion to inspire people to live purpose driven lives, as the Lord leads


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