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Hi! I am Grace and I want to welcome you to Discover Your Joy where you will find Inspiration for your Soul. I believe we need daily inspiration for Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy.  The stories and quotes on this blog are designed to provide you with Inspiration for your Day!

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After knowing God’s will

I was reading the book of Jeremiah, not long ago. It was full of moments where the Israelites did not listen to the true prophets of God. They instead followed the false prophets who kept telling them what they wanted to here. Then at one point in...

Motivational speakers

There has been a quote going round on social media of a motivational speaker who says they began their poultry business with a feather. Well I doubt this is actually true, it feels like an exaggeration. But I also believe whoever there is some truth...

If God was visible

When I was a child I used to wish that one day I would see an angel, or even Jesus. I used to wonder how it was for the people who had supernatural visitations. However as I have grown trust me that is not part of my prayer. I just cannot imagine...

Joy versus Happiness

Last week a discussion was held in one of the whatsapp groups at my church. The topic was an analysis of joy and happiness. I later took time to just think and meditate about these two aspects, and as a result I had one main conclusion. That joy is...

Knowing times and seasons

This month I had planned to have a very significant event in my life (I’ll maybe write about it when it happens). I postponed it due to the restrictions that had been made, making it difficult to move from one county to another. Looking back...

It looks harmless

I was thinking about Eve and the apple at the garden of Eden. I can just imagine her looking at the attractive fruit and wondering why eating it was such a big deal. Then after taking a bite and nothing happened, she gave to Adam and he ate. I...

4 Signs you’re ready to start dating

During this Covid 19 pandemic, there has been a rise in teenage pregnancies. As much as I feel some of them could be as a result of molestation, I feel that most of them could be out of ignorance. Back in high school i had several of my classmates...

5 tips to get business ideas

During the Covid 19 pandemic, many peoples’ income have been affected. Several people have gotten pay cuts while others have lost their jobs. That is the reason I have decided to share ideas on how one can get a business idea. This would help...

7 Success tips I learned in Network marketing

To start with I didn’t know much about network marketing until I lost my job unexpectedly. Thanks to God, I had just been introduced to this business by a friend from high school. I joined the business full time immediately. Although I am no...

Part 6: Proverbs 31:27-31

This is the last part of the series on the virtuous woman. My aim was to study and see how single ladies could apply this part of the Bible. It is commonly seen as a passage for married ladies. I must admit that it has not been an easy journey. I at...

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