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Hi! I am Grace and I want to welcome you to Discover Your Joy where you will find Inspiration for your Soul. I believe we need daily inspiration for Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy.  The stories and quotes on this blog are designed to provide you with Inspiration for your Day!

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Trust the process

When we were in kindergarten, we used to have questions which would require us to join dots to form certain shapes or numbers. Before the dots are joined to form maybe a man, car, cat etc., they look aimless. However once one joins each dot after...

Does God exist?

There are times when the issues of life, burden us to the point of doubting God’s existence. It is said that most atheists were once Christians. My thoughts go to the individuals that do not deny the existence of God, but they neither accept...

Part 2: Samson and Delilah

A continuation from the story of Samson. We look at some lessons we can get from the relationship Samson and Delilah had. Samson went into the land of the Philistines and spotted a beautiful woman called Delilah, and he desired to marry her. Seeing...

Part 1: Lessons from Samson’s life

The story of Samson Samson is recorded in the book of Judges. He was born at a time when the Israelites did not have a king. Joshua who had led them into the promised land had died and they had turned away from God. Therefore God used to raise and...

The Great Exchange

In the season of Easter we can help it but think about the cross and what it means to each one of us God gave His son Jesus to die that we may live He was betrayed for us to be redeemed He was mocked that we may receive honor He became a curse(...

Covid 19- Third wave

Last year march we had the first Covid 19 case in Kenya. This was followed by schools being closed, businesses closing, employees loosing jobs, and salary cuts, places of worship being closed. It was very difficult. I was alone away from my family...

Self control

Self control is the ability to control one’s emotions in difficult situations. It is responding to situations and not reacting to them. From observation I have realised that we as Christians might have self control in many things. For example...

Pillar of fire and cloud

The children of Israel had a long journey from Egypt to the promised land of Israel. God did a lot of miracles during this journey, but one miraculous act was the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire. This pillar used to move when it was time for...

Trust and Obey

Trust and obey is a hymn that has been sang for ages. The chorus goes “Trust and obey for there is no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.” Every time I sing it I am reminded on the importance of trusting in God no...

The Triangle In Marriage

During the Premarital classes one thing that was mentioned is the Triangle in marriage. At the time some lessons just seemed easy and theoretical. However once I got married this is one of the things that I have experienced practically in my...

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